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AKASHA Sacred Ambassador Online Shopping Assistance

We trust you’ve enjoyed the AKASHA Sacred Ambassador shopping experience. 


As a reminder, the prices and totals on this form ARE NOT final. 

These retail prices do not reflect your Ambassador discounts. 


We are thrilled to offer you, as an Ambassador, access to a wide range of pricing benefits—based on quantities ordered and payment history.

We look forward to speaking with you about the benefits you can receive.


AKASHA Sacred Ambassador Instructions for Ordering:


1) Send your shopping cart (this pdf) to us

phone xxx-xxx-xxxx


fax xxx-xxx-xxxx 


2) An AKASHA Sacred Customer Service Specialist will review your order and calculate your discounted Ambassador pricing as well as shipment pricing and terms. Your Customer Service Specialist will share with you the latest specials being offered to Ambassadors so that you have the opportunity to take advantage of them. Then they will assist you in confirming final terms and pricing.


3) Receive e-mail confirmation of your total order and projected shipment date.