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Why does the Mata shampoo have no lather?

Mata Elemental Balancing Shampoo contains no tensides. That is the ingredient that most shampoos and other cleansing products contain to give them a lather. Lather is not necessary to clean hair. Mata Shampoo cleanses the hair in a unique way, using the ingredient Lava Earth, which doesn’t lather. Lava Earth is excellent for removing impurities, dirt, and build-up of product or toxins. Mata was designed to be as basic and simple a shampoo as you can possibly get to bring the hair back to its most natural and fundamental state of beauty.

Why do Agni, Padma, and Swaha shampoos have less lather than other shampoos?

These AKASHA Shampoos contain mild tensides, which are the ingredient that most shampoos and cleansers contain to create lather. We use mild and minimal tensides in these products because it makes the shampoo gentler on the hair and scalp and ultimately prevents buildup of product on the hair and scalp, which can be dulling to the hair’s vibrancy and can weigh down its volume.
A ton of lather is not necessary to properly cleanse the hair and scalp.

Why do I have to dilute the hair products?

When you dilute the Shampoos, they are much more mild to hair and scalp—while retaining great cleansing power.

How long do the products keep/last before going bad?

Our products are labeled as being good 24-27 months after their producing date. But if treat the products well you can use them even longer! {See next question for the best ways to keep your AKASHA SACRED products fresh.}

How do I store the products to keep them fresh?

Please keep in mind that natural products can often have variations in scent, color or consistency. The ideal storage temperature for our products is average or slightly cool room temperature (5° C - 25° C / 41° F - 77° F). Do not refrigerate, store in direct sunlight or in a range of radiant heat. Protect from frost. And when applicable, always keep lids on tight.

Do I have to know about chakras, auras, and that sort of thing in order to use the products

Absolutely not. Our products can be used purely for cosmetic purposes. And if you are interested in connecting with their spiritual and energetic aspects—and don’t know a lot about spiritual or energetic principles—they will still do their work on you. It’s a body trip, not a mind trip.

How do I find an AKASHA SACRED Ambassador near me?

In the navigation above, under « Contact » you will see the « Find an Ambassador » search function. We are training Ambassadors, worldwide. Currently we have Ambassadors in Europe and Taiwan ready to help—wherever you are.

How can I become an AKASHA SACRED Ambassador?

Excellent! Your first step is to learn about us, here on the website. We have a lot of information about AKASHA SACRED products and under « Discover Akasha ». You can also check out the « Acadamy. » All Acadamies events are found in our « Calendar ». We invite you to join us at a Training, Workshop or Retreat with Sun Ya, or one of our Certified Teachers.

Can I learn more about the AKASHA SACRED products, uses, and principles without becoming an AKASHA SACRED Ambassador.

Absolutely. Our trainings are for those who aspire to be Ambassadors and Teachers—or for those who are curious to go deeper in their wellness practices. For a schedule of Public Events, go to « Academy » above and click « Calendar ». And right away, you can learn more by perusing this sight thoroughly, subscribing to our Newsletter and following AKASHA on Social Media. In all these places we gladly share the AKASHA philosophy and practices. 

Do I need to be spiritual to use and benefit from AKASHA SACRED?

No. Our products can be used purely for cosmetic purposes with wonderful results. And if you're interested in going deeper, the spiritual and energetic principles behind AKASHA SACRED are non-denominational and draw on a multitude of different belief systems and traditions. In addition, the energies connected with any given product are broad and varied enough that you are likely to find something you resonate with. Finally, AKASHA SACRED is primarily based in universal principles around love, consciousness, inner guidance, connection with oneself and with life, letting go, and healing. These principles have no specific religious or spiritual origin or allegiance.

How do I choose which AKASHA SACRED products are right for me to use?

This website is a good place to start. Each AKASHA SACRED product description includes tangible and energetic benefits and purposes—based on your cosmetic needs and desires. Additionally, you can read the products’ affirmations to see what spiritual and energetic qualities resonate with what you need and want. 

You can also simply go toward the products that call to you intuitively, or connect with an AKASHA SACRED Ambassador for guidance.